Battery Storage

Store your surplus solar power into a battery during the day and use it at night, making the most of your solar power system. If you already have panels, you can easily retrofit battery storage to your existing set up.

For new and existing systems

Add to a new or existing solar power system to maximise the efficiency of all the clean energy that is generated.

Emergency backup power

Guarantee your home a 24/7 uninterruptible energy source, providing backup power in the event of a blackout.

Optimise the feed-in-tarrif

Charge your battery at off-peak rates and discharge during peak hours to reduce your electricity bills.


Battery System

A high-performance Cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cell, which is renown for extreme levels of safety and reliability.


Your batteries can be monitored in real-time to give you insights on the power stored and identify areas where you can optimise your usage.

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