Loft Insulation

Ensure your loft doesn’t allow cold air to penetrate through ventilated eaves and also stop heat escaping through open penetrations in the main living spaces.

Cost-effective insulation

Covering your loft with a 300mm layer of loft insulation will reduce heat loss in your home by 30%

Instant benefits

With next day appointments available and installations completed within hours, you can have your loft insulated within 48hours!

Boost your home’s value

An automatic benefit of your loft’s insulation is a higher rating for your home’s Energy Performance Certificate.


Fibreglass Loft Roll

Whilst fibre-based loft roll isn’t an airtight insulator, at 300mm in thickness, it will provide adequate thermal performance to meet current regulations. Laid between floor joists with a layer above running in the opposite direction, a total coverage of the loft floor will help to reduce heat loss by up to 30%. Although you can install loft insulation as a DIY project, for best results and warranties, using a PAS2035 accredited company will give you the peace of mind that your insulation will work to its full potential. Loft insulation can help to make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Radiant Barrier

This thin layer of perforated aluminium foil is designed to protect the loft insulation from the impact of solar gain during the summer and cold draughts during the winter. The perforations to the foil layer means that moisture from within the home can escape into the loft where natural ventilation will disperse moisture laden air. The radiant barrier is an innovative way to increase the potential performance of your loft insulation by up to a further 15-20% and it’ll work year round to make a noticeable difference in other summer and winter. Extremely cost effective to buy and can be installed as a DIY project or optional extra to a loft insulation install.

Loft Boarding

Raised loft boarding is the best way to maintain some usable storage space within the loft whilst enabling room for insulation underneath. With many lofts in the UK already boarded without an adequate layer of insulation on the loft floor, we recommend raising the boards on what is known as loft legs and creating a raised platform for storing belongings. We offer a full loft boarding service as a part of any insulation install, leaving you with the peace of mind that your insulation and loft floor are properly fitted to regulations. Generally loft boarding will be focussed around the central section of a loft.

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