Hydrophobic Coatings

Our experienced professionals apply our performance Andura wall coating to the highest standards of finishing. The flexible resin is specifically formulated to provide excellent weather resistance, outstanding durability, colour fastness and long life.

Prevent damp

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Ideal for any surface

Our hydrophobic wall coating can be applied to any exterior wall surface; pebbledash, brick, stone etc.

Certified Quality

All our coating products are manufactured in accordance with BSEN ISO9002


Classic 21

Classic 21 is an extremely durable textured coating that eliminates the need for frequent repainting and maintenance of exterior walls.

Specifically formulated to provide excellent resistance to weathering and mould, Classic 21 is a great option if you’re looking for a low maintenance and long term solution for your home.

Classic 21 is available in a course texture, or fine texture in sixteen standard colours. Special colour matching is also available.

Classic Smooth

Classic Smooth is a high performance, breathable solvent borne coating for protecting exterior masonry and concrete.

Classic Smooth has been formulated for application in weather conditions where the use of water borne products may be problematic, e.g. showery weather and low drying temperatures.

Clear Gard

Clear-Gard protects surfaces from the destructive effects of air pollution, mould, algae and adverse weather conditions.

Clear-Gard is both weatherproof and microporous, allowing water vapour to pass out through the property’s exterior walls without letting rain water to penetrate in through the surface.

Pro-Clear Ultimate

Pro-Clear Ultimate is a transparent exterior coating, designed to give long lasting protection to natural stone, feature brickwork and roof tiles, without changing their appearance. The single component silane-siloxane system penetrates into exterior building surfaces and chemically bonds to produce a water repellent lining.

Pro-Clear significantly reduces the absorption of water and water-borne contaminants whilst allowing the substrate to continue to breathe. Pro-Clear will leave most substrates unstained and has excellent resistance to UV light and weathering.

Pro-Flex Ultimate

Pro-Flex Ultimate is a crack resistant, elastomeric masonry coating designed to offer long term protection to your home.

If your home suffers with cyclic hairline cracking then Pro-Flex Ultimate is the perfect solution because it stretches to accommodate cracks that appear over time. This means your home stays protected against the elements for longer.


Andura-Sil is a highly breathable silicone resin based coating designed for use on coloured silicone renders.

Typically wall renders will pick up dirt from the environment caused by weather and pollution. This can be very difficult and costly to clean back to the render’s original appearance. Andura-Sil will give your render a fresh, as new appearance with the added benefit that it will stay looking great for longer.

TMC Trowel & Roll

TMC Trowel & Roll is a highly durable textured coating designed to protect your home from even the harshest of weather.

With it’s long life TMC Trowel & Roll eliminates the need for frequent repainting and maintenance. In addition, with its high build, textured finish, TMC Trowel & Roll is ideal for hiding imperfections in the surface underneath. It has a stippled texture that can that can be controlled on application to give a more or less textured appearance.

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